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Making A Difference Through Mental Health!

Uplifting Fallen Humanity, One Man, One Woman, and One Child at a time!

On this episode @ThatsGraffiti connects with mental health professional, community activist, mentor and founder of From The Heart Foundation Dr. Halim Ali to discuss conquering internal struggles, understanding the various passages of life and the inspiration behind his awareness and prevention series "Triggers"
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From The Heart Foundation is a community based organization who specializes in mental health and behavioral health services. Our mission is to uplift fallen humanity, one man, one woman and one child at a time through community events and purposeful programming.



From the Heart: Pioneering Mental Health with Passion and Purpose


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The heart of our organization beats with the support of our invaluable community partners.    


Thank you Denver Post! TRIGGERS 2022

Check out Dr. Ali on "Making Our World Better" podcast feature with Jay Clark of JC Charity Services!

How Can We Be Better Parents to Our Sons?


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